It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

Autumn has been slowly pushing the hot summer heat away in Japan.
It's my favorite season of a year.  I love the smell of burned wheat, the chilly wind, the colors of trees...., and, of course, the fashion.
Today I was listening to this song called "It Will Rain" sung by Bruno Mars and all of the sudden the memories from San Francisco flashed back.  My heart still feels something very strong because SF is a special city to me and this song was heard everywhere at that time in SF/the U.S.  I still remember clearly that I was so sick of it everytime I heard just the beginning...  But now I miss it and it's my special song that reminds me of memories and feelings back then.  It even makes me feel a little empty... maybe because of the tone or the way he sings.... I don't know.  But it will probably be my next driving song for an another month.
Music is very mysterious...  It reminds us of what we were thinking and feeling of a past when we were listening to it.  I wish I could go back then again...


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