World's street fashion

These photos are from "Street Peeper."
You should check it out!
I get new ideas of styling from those random people on streets.
(I know some of them are models or famous people!) 
It takes photo of people in all over the world including middle-sized cities like San Francisco, Oslo, Amsterdam, and so on.






しかし、Street Peeperを見てるうちに、ゴスロリファッションなども含めて、

Street Peeper (http://streetpeeper.com/)


Have you seen my older posts which I created some stylings?
Recently, I'm obsessed with a website where you can create your own stylings, called "POLYVORE."
You can make fashion, interior, make-up stylings as if you are an editor of a magazine!
I love POLYVORE because it helps me to have an experience of layouting or editing, which is one of the things I want to do in the future.






Here are some examples of clothing styling pages from the people on the web site.

Did you like any of them?
If you want to create your own pages on your magazine, go to POLYVORE and be creative!!!
You will have to register yourself as a member of it to log in first.

Denim Short Pants EVERY DAY?


What I Recommend (STYLENANDA)


Stylenanda is a Korean online clothing store.
You can purchase its clothes at reasonable price, so you might not expect great quality.
However, this shop is introduced by a famous Japanese stylist, Yukari Ota, on her blog (SLEEPING TOKYO).  She says "It has pretty good quality although the clothes are cheap (http://sleepingtokyo.com/rinko/blog/?s=stylenanda)."
STYLENANDA has issued a lookbook and I saw it at a book store in Seoul.
I would say this shop sells simple, colorful, and casual, clothes.  AND they are Korean style!
The models are pretty like K-Pop stars.
They also produce cosmetics.
You may want to try this shop!


What I Like (JEANASiS)


JEANASiS is one of the Japanese casual clothing shops.
This brand targets on women who want a sharp taste in their fashion style.
Whenever I visit this shop, I am always surprised that how it has nice design and color.
It provides clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories with reasonable prices although they are sophisticated in design and its materials have a good quality.

I must tell you that the company of this brand, called Point (http://www.point.co.jp/index.php), has a good website.
The company has 14 clothing brands besides JEANASiS and all of them are casual.
Every brand's website has online-store and styling photos which you can see how the shop staffs coordinate their clothes like the picture above.
You will feel like you are reading a new fashion magazine whenever you visit the website 
because they upload the photos and other information about their shops quite often.
They also have their own shops' blog.  You can know what new items you can get from your closest shop.

By the way, I love this brand soooooo much that I have applied for its part-time job once.
However, I could not pass the interview since over 50 girls applied with me for only 8 people and I was not flexible to work.
I may try it again when I get Japan ;P


What I Like (Tory Burch)

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is an American brand established in 2004.
It has a clothing line which is a classic style, 
but I especially like its bags, shoes, and accessories.
The color combination of gold and navy is very nice.
The brand makes use of gold very well to make its goods look elegant.


What I Like (LE CIEL BLUE)


LE CIEL BLUE is a Japanese female brand established in 1994 in Kobe, Hyogo.
It has 10 shops in Japan.  You can purchase its clothes online, too (http://www.lcb.co.jp/).
I think it targets on women who are between early 20's and mid 30's.
The design is quite simple and boyish cool, but it has feminine cuteness. 
I would say that you can have various styles with its clothes.
I love its casualness.