Japanese Fashion... Layering

If you see a young fashionable Asian in a layered style the person might be Japanese...!
Having seen various fashion in different countries, I noticed Japanese people like to layer clothes.
The reason is probably because they care about their body shape I think.  I've seen a research that shows Japanese women go on diets the most of the other women in the world.  So they must have thought they could hide their complexes by layering clothes, which I think is a brilliant fashion technique! 
I created those three different layered looks with the black dress.




One day I was looking through a fashion snap website, FRONTSTYLE, and I noticed most of the models in mode outfits...
This made me wonder if the word "model" came from "mode"...  I looked up "mode" online and learned the word originally meant "fashion" or "trend" in French and people started to use "model" for calling models afterwards.  So there should be a connection between "mode fashion" and "model".  And that probably is the fashion taste of clothes that models wear... I think.  It seems that models wear high fashion clothes that might be seen in those brands' collections.

By the way, the snap website is well made.  Although it's all written in Japanese, you should be able to look at snaps without language problem.  Just click pics you want to take a look.



Japanese apparel brand "pattern torso"

Few days ago I found this Japanese apparel brand when I was looking for some new autumn clothes for my closet.  And this brand, "pattern torso," with those amazing clothes above took my heart away.  I fell in love with the color, texture, size, patterns, etc...  Also, they are mode and over-sized, which I love so badly! But it's not 100% mode because there are some designs that could be seen in Harajuku fashion.  I really want the whole world to know this kind of Japanese fashion.  Because the styles foreign people know as Japanese fashion such as Harajuku, GAL, Rolita, etc. are too crazy and just awesome in terms of entertainment.  And I always get disappointed and ashamed of my culture every time I google "Japanese fashion" and see only those crazy fashion.  They are too much... and not wearable.  Maybe I should say they're too artistic for me.  So I hope Japanese apparel brands like this influence foreign brands and to see foreigners wearing Japanese clothes someday... 

However, interestingly the designer of this brand is a Korean woman who studied apparel design in Seoul and Paris.  She's been going back and forth between Japan and Seoul.  It is so amazing that she captures Japanese fashion mind so well...

つい最近見つけてテンションがとても乱されたショップ「pattern torso」。軽め原宿系とモードがミックスされててすごくタイプ。日本=クレイジーな原宿ファッションって認識されがちだけど、pattern torsoの服のようなファッションもあるってことを世界中の人々に知ってもらいたいなぁ。



It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

Autumn has been slowly pushing the hot summer heat away in Japan.
It's my favorite season of a year.  I love the smell of burned wheat, the chilly wind, the colors of trees...., and, of course, the fashion.
Today I was listening to this song called "It Will Rain" sung by Bruno Mars and all of the sudden the memories from San Francisco flashed back.  My heart still feels something very strong because SF is a special city to me and this song was heard everywhere at that time in SF/the U.S.  I still remember clearly that I was so sick of it everytime I heard just the beginning...  But now I miss it and it's my special song that reminds me of memories and feelings back then.  It even makes me feel a little empty... maybe because of the tone or the way he sings.... I don't know.  But it will probably be my next driving song for an another month.
Music is very mysterious...  It reminds us of what we were thinking and feeling of a past when we were listening to it.  I wish I could go back then again...